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One Night @ Sudder Street

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Vanessa volunteers at slums and teaches English to street kids
Ainara loves diving into the human race and discovering different ways to live,think,act and communicate.Raju is a local guide and 'friend of all' @ Sudder street

Simon is a traveller, dreamer and a philosopher. He is
traveling around the world for last 7 years. Street kids call
him 'baba'. When asked if he learnt Hindi/Bangla
in his last 3 weeks of stay at kolkata, he said "Bhole baba
sabko paar laga dega"

I met them all yesterday night at sudder street which is backpackers heaven and home for many who are traveling in search of fulfillment, self awareness, creative freedom and spiritual growth.


whats in the carry on bag?

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stupid news that media sells

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June14, IndiaTV. :Din :Dahaade, bhari :Dopahar mein, sekh syed imran ali ne loot li statue of liberty

Dude... its not a fake news! (ofcourse i'm kidding) I'm just a newbee learning the art of faking. Art, which has already been mastered by our mainstream media.

checkout some interestingly stupid farts @ http://stupidindiatv.blogspot.com/

and once you get tired of stupid news, think about :

How do we determine "truth" and "fact" when we can manufacture either?


Would you mind paying 5/- for shoelacing service?

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Would you like to do it yourself or you wont mind paying 5/- to cobbler for this service?

The whole idea is to :

1. Promote different ways to lace shoes. Bring it in vogue (create demand for this service)
Distribute pictures of various lacing styles to the cobblers and shoe polish boys and train them so that they could meet the demand (ensure supply)

Let me know if this idea excites you. We can discuss in detail about various possibilities in the comment thread.


Why I'm the Guy for 48hoursindenmark?

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I'm in the final phase of 48 Hours in Denmark - a contest set up to study how tourists use digital media. The prize? An all expenses paid trip to Denmark.

Here is my entry :

and here are 6 reasons why I think I'm the best guy for this job

I'm an avid traveller.

In last 3 years I've been to Thailand, India, Austria,Italy, Germany,Denmark,Norway,Sweden Netherlands,France, Spain,Belgium,Vatican city & Christiania. If given a chance in 48 hours in Denmark, i'll bring alongwith myself my rich experience and expertise in the field of tourism.

I'm omnipresent.

Google me to find out that yourself.I am present, alive and kicking at almost everywhere in Cyberia.(read facebook,orkut,twitter,delicious,blogger,youtube,linkedin,wayn,
travbuddy,myspace and multiply)
I've 2000+ followers on twitter and i love to socialise offline equally.

I use various communication art ( read filmmaking,. photography, poetry, comics) to promote tourism.

Through various communication art i stay connected with people of diverse interests and
influence them to travel and explore.
I make short videos, comicstrips and i share my priceless moments of my trips on my picasaweb page and my flickr page. I blog in English as well as Hindi(www.ek-ghumakkad.blogspot.com) in an attempt to broaden my reader base and gain recognition
Sometimes i plunge into poetic thoughts.

I'm a linguist and i know English, Italian, Hindi, Bhojpuri and little bit of Bengali & Spanish

...and so I'll be able to connect well with people of different linguistic backgrounds.

I'm a Web 2.0 junkie and always on a lookout for what's new on Web!

Be it online photo/video editing or searching for trav buddy in a city. I know which web tool
to use to get things done!

I dont think i'm more gifted and talented than other 14 contestants but I'm hungrier and I want More!

Enthusiasm is what drives me!


Eurotrip 2007

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